Webinar: Driving PIM Success with Product Information Excellence

Featuring: Marcus Monch, Director of Brand Marketing

Milwaukee Tool

PIM is the foundation for B2B eCommerce success in an omnichannel world. 

With a plethora of project considerations including strategy, platform, and organizational change, Product Information Excellence (PIE) is often overlooked, yet brings a critical and holistic view of product content and the KPIs that validate the investment. 

Join us as Milwaukee Tool's Marcus Monch shares why PIE is critical to their PIM initiative, and what organizations should consider before, during, and after a PIM implementation.

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Milwaukee Tool

Wednesday, August 14th

10:00-11:00 CT | 11:00 - 12:00 ET

With so much to consider around your organization's PIM initiative, proper strategy and planning is critical.  

Here's what you'll take away from our webinar:

Single Source of Truth

How technology enables a "single source of truth" for product data

Product Information Excellence Discovered

Domain of MDM

Why a domain of MDM including customers and vendors is so important

Organizational Change

Why organizational change around data ownership is difficult, and how to achieve buy-in

Common Points of Failure

Aligning realistic expectations for benefits by realizing process, data, and technologies

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Wednesday, August 14th
10-11 CT | 11-12 ET

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